Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dar la vuelta

I should be doing anything than writing this right now—packing for Peru, cleaning my incredibly messy room, and saying good-byes. But actually I’d rather do anything but those things right now, so I guess I’ll write instead.

Right as I am ready to leave Vina, the sun comes out again..figures. Today I decided to trek up the cerros of Valparaiso (the nearby coastal town) one last time. Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion are gorgeous places to just stroll/climb..covered with cool graffiti, colorful buildings, and cute little shops/ restaurants. It was nice to be away from the commercialized Vina del Mar, but even Vina I will miss like whoa!

Tomorrow I am off to Peru with three Germans and four Spaniards, and hopefully we’ll see Maria and Chris up there. I am so freaking excited for this trip!!! We will hit up Lake Titicaca and then go to Macchu Picchu and then Lima! Macchu Picchu…wow I remember learning about it in freakin elementary school! Also I am very happy that I don’t have to say goodbye to these German and Spanish peeps just yet : ) If I haven't said it before, I’ll say it now…it is craaazy how you can get so close to people in such a short period of time.

Another good German friend and 2 Australians left a couple of days ago to Venezuela to trek the Amazon,  but unfortunately they are still somewhere in Chile cause their stuff was stolen…I am so worried about them, but knowing these three, they’ll find a cleverly stupid way to get out of this mess.

Oh and Buenos Aires with Jenelle! What a great time! I can’t believe that I thought that I would have to time to study for my finance exam while there…my roomie was right..there’s always something to do in the city. First of all, it is so big and I love big cities! Kelsey is right…it is like New York but with its own Latino/ Italian tang! Ooh Jenelle took me tangoing, and it was so cool to see Jenelle dance cause she knew what she was doing! And the gelato was yummy and the guys as well. They are sooo much better looking than the Chileans at least (my Bolivian/ Ecuadorian roomies claim that the Argentinean men top all South Americans…hmm). And then I taught some ppl how to do the Soulja Boy (I need to brush up on my skillz). And we went to a 4th of July Party, and I was so glad to celebrate with Americans cause I would have been the only one celebrating back in Vina. And at the BBQ, we sang Disney Songs in English and French..beautiful! And here is an amazingly gorgeous pic of me and the one and only J!

                   BuenosAires 029

But unfortunately the fear of swine flu there was a bit overwhelming.  Almost half the city was wearing masks, just walking the streets and riding the metro, and that just kinda freaked me out. I don’t think their fears are entirely justified, as the problem really is not that grave. I have 2 friends here in Chile with the swine flu and I know they went out partying  tonight. I don’t know, I think being precautious is just leading to greater fear. Just wash your hands people!

Ok, I’ll write another post after I come back and then I’ll wrap-up this blog. Chau til then!

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  1. Can´t wait for you post on Peru :D
    Wow sounds like it was crazy in BsAs with the flu, when I was there last weekend only a few people at the airport were wearing masks, but in the city nobody.